Inspection of the Monorail 

An important phase when installing the Monorail in your theme park is of course the security inspection. The Monorail is always inspected according to the norms of a play equipment. The Monorail does not need any electricity when moving on the track, so it does not fall under the norms of an attraction but the norms used for play equipment. 

Since there is no need for electricity to use the Monorail, you do not need any extra staff to secure it. Whn the wagons leave the platform, the doors will close automatically and they will open on arrival. This mechanical process makes the Monorail a very secure and safe attraction.  In case of an emergency, the wagons can be opened on the bottom of the wagons.  

Our Monorail is inspected on the following norms:
- EN1176-1:2017 Specifies general safety requirements for permanently installed public playground equipment and surfacing.
- EN1176-4:2017 Additional specific safety requirements and test methods for cableways.
- EN1176-7:2020 Guidance on installation, inspection, maintenance and use.

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