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Are you looking for an attraction for children for your organisation or company? A true eye-catcher for your FEC Family Entertainment Center, indoor playground, campsite, theme park? Our Monorail attraction, for kids and adults, can be produced for various sites, indoor as well as outdoor. Children are wildly attracted by the Monorail, but adults enjoy this high level ride as well. The view of your playground, campsite or theme park is marvelous. There are numerous possibilities if you would like a monorail for your structure. Here are some of them: 

Monorail attraction for family entertainment parks

The Monorail is an ideal attraction for families. This family ride can be a reassuring option for children that are too young for the rollercoaster, and they can enjoy this ride with the adults and older kids accompanying them. Everybody will enjoy the flight or the ride, going on a certain speed while enjoying the view of the site. The Monorail will assure a large view of the other attractions in your park, your campsite or the animals in your zoo. 

The rails being on relatively high level, the Monorail does not take a lot of space on the ground. The seats are adjustable, which means that both adults and children can reach the pedals. The doors automatically close (mechanically) when the wagon leaves the platform and they will re-open when coming back. 

adventure ride attraction


Our Monorail can be installed in almost every venue or setting, indoor or outdoor.

Our team of designers and engineers work closely together, your monorail can be entirely customized


Our longtime experience and knowledge on engineering will provide you a custom fit Monorail for your structure.

Attraction on rails for kids

Our Monorail comes in various shapes and sizes and the wagons of our Monorail are moving by the use of a pedal-system activated directly by your clients. It is like riding a bike! 
The first thing that would come to mind when looking for an attraction with kids riding on a track would be a train, but there a numerous possibilities. Spaceships, cars, Flintstone-wagons, sharks and so on. And what to think of an attraction suitable for kids and adults? Or an attraction for the youngest members of the family? 

Here are three examples:


In the helicopter monorails, kids can take a ride with their parents or accompanying adults. Everybody will have an amazing view of your Family Entertainment Center, theme park, zoo or campsite. 
The helicopter monorail is suspended under the track, which gives your visitor a proper sensation of floating through the air. The wagon's body is based on a helicopter and is produced out of polyester. These tops can be entirely customised according to the theme of your children's park or theme park.

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How about visiting space or swimming with sharks?
All of this is possible, and even more. Our themed Monorail can be completely adapted to the scenery of your structure and the demands of your visitors, creating a unique experience!

The wagons of the theme monorail are riding on tracks that are placed on a high level in your park. The wagons can be customized in the style of your FEC, just give us your ideas! 

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Our Junior-track has been designed especially for younger children.

In this Monorail only one person can ride the wagon. The big advantage of this, is that the Junior Monorail can be placed in smaller spaces and structures. The turns have a smaller radius and therefore the construction as a whole is lighter. The rooftop is made from polyester and can be adapted to your demands, for example the theme of your park.

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