About Mammoet Play

Location: Barneveld, the Netherlands

The first Mammoet Monorail was installed in a theme park in the 90's. Nowadays there are numerous of our Monorails installed on various locations and in differents countries. Family Entertainment Centers, playgrounds, theme parks, zoos, indoor playgrounds, in the Netherlands, France, Germany, Poland, Ukrain and even Venezuela. The Mammoet Play Monorail is still entirely designed and fabricated in our offices and workshop in Barneveld, the Netherlands.  

The first Monorails were produced by th company Mammoet Monorails. All those years, we were the ones fabricating the rails for them. With the end of the Mammoet Monorails company, we will produce the Monorail from A to Z from now on, under the name Mammoet Play.  

Technical knowledge

Security for childrens' attraction is a must. With our knowledge of different materials, technical details and our long-standing experience, we will be able to assure an exclusive, high-quality and safe attraction. 

Meet our team of designers and technical experts

Mammoet Play has all the knowledge in one team so we can design, produce and install your Monorail. Together, we will discuss the design and the technical necessities to provide you with a unique Monorail. We have a permanent team of designers, engineers and technical staff. They will be able to make your monorail to measure. 

Attraction building for the Netherlands and far outside its borders.

We collaborate with different partners throughout Europe in order to serve our international clients a well. Through our sales-offices in France and Germany we have a great relationship with partners and clients all over Europe.