Producer of attractions, we are building customized rides for children and adults.

As an owner of a theme park, FEC, indoor playground, childrens' paradise, campsite or other place that children love to visit, would you like a unique attraction? Both children and adults will love your customized Monorail. 

Mammoet Play is an experienced producer of attractions and its team of designers and engineers have all the expertise to build a themed Monorail for your company. Your visitors will enjoy the ride for a very long time. 

attraction with helicopter
Monorail with train
attraction with helicopter for kids

Why choose Mammoet Play?

We will build a unique Monorail for your theme park, your visitors will enjoy the ride for years to come.

The advantages of  a Mammoet Play Monorail:

  • All the expertise in one team: our designers, producers and engineers are all working together in our workshop in Barneveld, the Netherlands
  • Always a high-quality product thanks to our technical expérience 
  • From the first design up to the installation, Mammoet Play does it all!
  • We 'produce-to-measure', not only in the technical sense but also with the aim to please your visitors. We can customize your Monorail so it will be a perfect fit for your FEC or theme park.
  • No need to hire extra staff, your visitors will be able to use the Monorail all by themselves
  • Our Monorail can be placed almost everywhere: inside, outside, in FEC's, in playgrounds, in zoos, in theme parks, in shopping centers, or even on the beach..
  • Possibility of a quick return on your investment by including our coin-system

Permanent team of designers and engineers

We have a permanent and dedicated team of designers and engineers with all the technical knowledge and experience necessary for building a Monorail for your company. Our team is available to help you with your project from your first designs up to the installation of your very own Monorail. During the first stage, all technical and specific demands are being adressed, giving a clear and strong base to work with. This way, we will be able to build the exact Monorail you imagined. A unique eye-catcher made-to-measure for your visitors. 

Custom work for a unique Monorail

Our Monorail can be customized in many ways. What is your target audience? Families? Small children? Adults? The Monorail can be adapted to all of those groups. We can also build you a Monorail according to the theme of your project. Helicopters, Space Shuttles, animals, fairytale figures, anything is possibile. We can also adapt the Monorail with you logo or your company's theme. 

Return on investment

The Monorail not only is a unique attraction and an eye-catcher, it is also profitable. Once installed, the additional costs are minimal! All the Monorails are completely mechanical, children can use the attraction all by themselves. You do not need to hire any extra staff. And with our coinsystem, the Monorail will return its investment in no time!

Do not hesitate to contact us!

Would you like a unique children's attraction for your Family Entainment Center (FEC), indoor playground, zoo, theme park or campsite? Are you curious to find out what we, as an experienced producer of attraction rides, can do for you?We would love to be part of your project and build an eye-catcher for your structure.

Please contact us for a quotation without any obligation or engagement. You can reach us by phone (we speak english) or by using the contact form.