The Monorail playground ride is the eye-catcher of your Family Entertainment Center

Both children and adults love taking a ride in our Monorail attraction. The Monorail will be the eye-catcher of your indoor playground or FEC. Visitors will enjoy the high-level ride on the track and will be amazed by the marvelous view of the playstructure or sites around the Monorail. 

Mammoet Play is the producer of these unique and solid Monorails. You, your clients and your visitors will enjoy the ride for years to come. 

What is a Monorail exactly?

In everyday life, a Monorail is a ride where a train drives on a high-level track over a city. The wagons can be riding on the track or be suspended under it. There are numerous examples of monorails in China, Japan or Germany. The monorail as a transport-system exists since the beginning of the 19th century. 

The Monorail rail as a theme park or indoor playgound attraction exists since the end of the sixties in the Netherlands. You can find the ride in various play structures, theme parks, family entertainment centers and campsites. The monorail play structure has many advantages. The track is usually placed on a relatively high level, which means that the structure doesn't occupy a large space on the ground. You can use the open space under the Monorail for other attractions, a walking path, a space for animals or an indoor cube play structure. The Monorail is also known to be very quiet, a ride around the track is almost noiseless.  


During a ride in the Monorail the visitor will be able to see your playstructure, theme park or FEC from above. 

All the seats are ajustable, this way adults and children can reach the pedals.


The doors of the wagons close automatically on leaving the platform and will open at the arrival. 

Le Monorail made-to-measure

In our workshop based in the Netherlands, we design et produce the Monorail since the nineties. We are situated in Barneveld, in the center of the Netherlands. Over fifty monorails have been produced here and are now installed all over Europe and even worldwide. 

Mammoet Play has all the know-how and expertise for designing and producing the Monorail from A to Z. Our team consists of designers, engineers and technicians. They have the experience and the technical skills to conceive a unique and high-quality attraction.  

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