Helicopter monorail indoor parc

"Uniqueecological en fun, these are the characteristics of our Monorail."

Would you like a true eye-catcher for your company or organisation? Are you looking for a unique attraction for your FEC Family Entertainment Center, child's play center or theme park?

Satisfied customers and happy kids, these are our aims at Mammoet Play. Who hasn't dreamed of flying in a helicopter or a space-shuttle, floating through the air by only using your feet to peddle? Our attraction for the leisure industry is a timeless but up-to-date play structure. Both kids and adults will enjoy the ride and the amazing view during it. 

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Team Mammoet Play

Completely customized

At Mammoet Play our designers and engineers are always working closely together. Therefor any Monorail can be easily customized according to your wishes. 


We are able to install a coinsystem on the Monorail. This way you will have an easy and fast return on investment and your Monorail will become profitable.

Entirely mechanical

The Monorail is entirely mechanical, so legally you are not obliged to hire extra staff to secure the attraction. Children can get in an out by themselves without any danger.